Free Android Tablets

This is a TEXAS ONLY Program!

Please Fill Out Contact Info NOW so we can start processing you and your Free Android Tablet.
Nothing to Buy – Nothing for Sale – No Subscriptions – 100% FREE for Texans Who Don’t Hear Well on the Telephone.

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To Qualify you must be able to answer YES to these 3 Questions:

  1. Do You Live in Texas? (Texas Residents Only – State of Texas requires proof i.e. copy of DL, Utility Bill, Voter ID.)
  2. Are You 18+ Years Old? (Or have Guardian to fill out Request Form)
  3. Do You Have Difficulty Understanding Words Spoken on the Telephone? (Do you say ‘what?’ ‘huh?’ ‘repeat that’, ‘say again’ etc. or guess at words sometimes? Or can’t turn the cell phone up loud enough to hear clearly?)

Get Your FREE Android Tablet: Surf, text, message, skype, email, post, chat, etc.!

  • Tell your hard of hearing neighbors & friends to sign up too
  • Limit 1 Free Android Tablet per household
  • Housemates/Roommates with separate finances are are considered separate households and both can qualify.

    Please Complete “Your Contact Info” Form Now!

  • (To Enter Chat: Click Blue Button Above or Cut & Paste URL below into your browser address bar)
  • APPEAR.IN/FreeAndroidTablet




Starting Now – When you send us your 1-page white voucher from the state for the Free Android Tablet (2-way texting device / as the state calls it)  We will send you a FREE $10 SubWay Sandwich gift card to say thanks!